Mechanical Hall A

Mechanical Hall A brings a blend of country infused rock and roll from the heart of the Arizona desert.

As one of the newest rock groups to have entered the Phoenix music scene, mHa was formed in August of 2012 when vocalist/guitarist Michael Callahan posted videos of some new material on YouTube. Longtime friend, bassist John Parente, noticed a post on Facebook linking to the videos and soon a collaboration was born.

Soon after, drummer Tommy Hammer joined the rock groups and they went about writing material to take to the stage. They made their live debut in March of 2013 at Joe’s Grotto, accompanied by guitarist Patrick Wright to fill out the sound.

As a trio, they released their debut EP, “Parts Unknown” later that year. Upon its release, they set out on an exhaustive search for a permanent fourth member. After many months of auditions, Pete Smith joined the band and they continued to play large and small shows in Phoenix, rapidly establishing themselves as one of Phoenix's premier rock groups.

With the addition of Smith and a renewed energy, the band is currently working on writing and recording new material, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2016.

New EP - Preview Now !!

New EP - Preview Now !!

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New EP Launch Party - Guitars & Dive Bars

Club Red, 1306 W University Dr, Mesa